Saturday, February 5, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 & FreightMaster TMS 5.0: A Perfect Match

In their recent 2011 Dynamics Technology Conference in Redmond last month, Microsoft unveiled their new flagship ERP, Dynamics AX 2012. The new ERP software has undergone a major upgrade leveraging Microsoft technologies such as SQL 2008R2, SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)and application integration utilizing Visual Studio 2010.

The great news is that it is exactly the technology that FreightMaster TMS 5.0 utilizes. Written to leverage .NET 4.0 and WCF as well as other core Microsoft technologies, TMS can now be launched from within the new and improved AX Business Portal making it the perfect "kissin cousin" to AX 2012 in look, touch, feel and technology.

See both at the upcoming Dynamics Convergence 2011 Conference in Atlanta this April.